citaten uit de film

Paycheck (2003)

  • Michael Jennings: "Im Michael."
    Rachel Porter: "Im Rachel... Rachel Porter."
    Michael Jennings: "Is that ms. or mrs.?"
    Rachel Porter: "That would be Dr. Porter."
  • Jane: "You only needed four stamps."
    Michael Jennings: "Oh, well, I guess I can afford the extra 50 cents."
  • Agent Klein: "Decker died, natural cause."
    Agent Dodge: "Natural being gravity after a 144 meter fall out of his apartment building."
  • Shorty: "Maybe we should just find Dekker."
    Michael Jennings: "I cant talk to him."
    Shorty: "Why Not?"
    Michael Jennings: "Yeah, he fell out of his bedroom window."
    Shorty: "He *fell* out of his bedroom window?"
  • Jenninger and Porter just entered a car park
    Michael Jennings: "Wait, hold on."
    Dr. Rachel Porter: "You have a car?"
    Michael Jennings: "I might."
    Dr. Rachel Porter: "You might?"
    Michael Jennings: "Look for a BMW."
    Dr. Rachel Porter: "You gotta be joking."


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Edgar Verburg.